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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Only Alien on the Planet: My brief review

The Only Alien on the Planet sounds like it ought to be an intriguing story about some unknown creature all alone in a far away world. But it's NOT!

(I am not much of a book reviewer to date. I am pretty new at this. So bear with me.)

No, this alien is far more intriguing because it is the boy next door. Kristen Randle has done a marvelous job of telling the story of a boy who's been alienated by his peers and how the heroine unravels the truth behind his disturbing history.

I love how the characters develop and grow and how well she brings things together. This was an especially interesting story to me because I am rather drawn to people who are different from the norm in any way. Whether by their own choice or by birth or any other circumstances. It is a great book.

It doesn't hurt that I got to meet the author and talk with her about her books. She is a talented writer and a woman I admire. Below is a link to her website. She is doing a giveaway of a couple of her books that have been finally put to print after years of being available merely through the digital medium.

I admit, I am not good at actually giving a summary of a book, because I don't want to give anything away. So, if there is not a enough info for you here than go check it out on Goodreads or you can go to Kristen Randle's website and check it out here .